A Vision of the Future

Every great endeavor starts with a vision – a picture of what is possible or a mental picture of what the future holds. Putting a man on the moon, eradicating polio, desktop computing, online streaming (to name just a few) – all came about because people could envision a different way and broke the constraints of contemporary paradigms. Changing the American public education system requires a vision that will challenge us, break the current design, and force us to backward plan from our best estimate of what our students will face in the Year 2035.

The education system is broken. How can it be fixed?

We are one tick away from too late. But just as in the mission impossible movies, there is still a chance however slim.

The American public education system is broken, and it cannot be fixed – at least not in the traditional ways or with the “new and improved” programs and initiatives that have been tried over the last 40 years. More after-school tutoring – no. A new on-line program – no. More aligned professional development – no. Better recruitment, better teacher prep, a longer school day, a different school calendar, more Chromebooks, more libraries, smaller class sizes – how many iterations of these do we have to have before we say, “no, these cannot fix the education system.”