Dyad Consultant Highlight: Elise Hurt

We asked Elise Hurt, Ector College Prep’s Cosmetology Instructor and Dyad Consultant, questions about her passion for all things makeup and beauty. Read the full interview below.

TFS: What inspired you to pursue a career in the beauty industry and share your knowledge with students?

EH:  I’ve always enjoyed the educational aspect of all things related to the beauty industry and felt like middle school age was a good age group to introduce these skills and information too!

TFS: Can you briefly describe your experience in cosmetology? How long have you been involved in it?

EH:  I’ve been in the beauty industry as a freelance makeup artist for about 5 years, working for brands like Urban Decay, Bare Minerals, Stila,Tula, and a few others. I moved on to start my own hair & makeup artist business and have been providing hair & makeup artistry services to West Texas for about 5 years now! 

TFS: What do you find most rewarding about working with students and helping them explore cosmetology?

‌EH: I absolutely love watching my students apply all the skills they’ve learned and seeing their confidence and self esteem boost… it’s definitely their ‘AHA!’ moments for me.

‌TFS: Could you share a memorable success story or experience you’ve had while working with students?

‌EH: I had a student who was excited about class and, as she mastered techniques, she became more confident. I always tell my students this is an awesome opportunity for real world hustle, and by the end of the semester she told me friends and family were hiring her to provide hair & makeup services! 

TFS: What skills or qualities do you think are important for students interested in cosmetology to develop?

EH:  I would have to say creativity and technique are important to have in the beauty industry, along with an open-minded approach to learning.

‌TFS: Are there any upcoming projects or initiatives in your cosmetology classes that you’re particularly excited about?

EH: I’m really excited to offer a combined Female Empowerment class with my cosmetology class this semester. It will be sort of a hybrid of my Mental Health Class and Cosmetology class, with the focus on empowering our young women and giving them tools and skills to reach their highest potentials as well as tapping into mental health aspects when it comes to personal growth, self-talk, and relationships.

‌TFS: How do you approach teaching cosmetology to students in a way that is engaging and informative?

EH: I understand everyone learns differently, so I like to keep my class lessons engaging with a lecture, visuals, worksheets, and then application/practice.

‌TFS: What advice would you give to students who are considering pursuing a career or further education in the beauty industry?

EH: Learn, practice, and don’t give up! The beauty industry is constantly changing and we have to evolve with it. Our local community college offers a program where they can graduate HS with a cosmetology license. I urge my students, that if they’re truly serious, keep practicing and put themselves out there and actively seek opportunities for success!

‌TFS: Are there any specific areas within cosmetology that you specialize in or particularly enjoy teaching?

EH: I think both myself and my students have the most fun when we have our creative makeup class days. That is especially true for my fall semester students because we practice Halloween makeup! I offer specialty Halloween makeup services outside of teaching and I love the creative outlet from standard makeup!

Our Dyad Program was designed to provide students with opportunities and experiences like nowhere else. We believe that learning happens everywhere – both inside and outside of the classroom. To ensure that our students are introduced to as many experiences as possible during their time at our school, we have created the Dyad Program.


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