7 Habits of Success

Third Future Schools believes that social-emotional support and guidance has to accompany academic instruction in order for students to maximize their potential and accelerate learning. We also believe that character matters and that TFS should not only help students excel academically, but also become caring and engaged citizens.

TFS will help students develop habits of success that will help them be successful in school and ultimately in life. TFS will focus on the following seven habits of success:

Be at school and be on time

“Showing up” is an important part of doing any job or trying to make a difference in the world. Our students learn that coming to school and being on time is a habit that is related to reliability and a disciplined mindset.

Respect others

Our schools reinforce respect for all cultures and ways of life. Our students learn how to work collaboratively with students who may hold different beliefs. They learn how to disagree in ways that do not offend someone else’s sense of worth.

Take responsibility for your actions

We encourage our students and our staff to always own every choice they make, to be honest, to clean up after themselves, and to accept their part in mistakes they make. Owning our choices and being responsible for our actions is the greatest way to improve and grow.

Strive for accuracy

Those who excel take the time to get things right and to pay attention to the details. Critical thinking also requires students to consider multiple variables and to be accurate in their use of information. Third Future Schools help students improve both academic and intellectual accuracy.


Many of our families face challenges related to poverty or language barriers. We help our students overcome challenges and realize their true potential despite the odds. We similarly develop their ability to overcome academic obstacles and to persevere when the subject is difficult to learn.

Do your best work

Almost all students are strong in some areas and struggle in others. In every endeavor in school, we want our students to do their best and to reach their potential in a given subject area. This habit of success does not emphasize comparisons or competition with others; rather it supports a student’s understanding of his individual strengths and true potential.

Engage positively

Leaders do not sit on the sidelines – they get involved and contribute. Our schools help students learn how to work together to solve problems and also to engage in ways that are positive and that help to solve the problem rather than simply complaining about a problem.