Opt-Out Information (Parent Exemption for State tests)

During the 2015 legislative session, lawmakers passed SB 15-223, which gives parents the right to refuse to have their children take the state standardized tests CMAS, PSAT, and SAT without any negative consequences to the student, teacher or school. This law only applies to the state-mandated tests CMAS and the PSAT/SAT and does not apply to other tests given in the classroom as part of the course work or to district interim and benchmark assessments.

You must submit a written, signed request each school year to your school’s principal to opt out your child from state tests only. Please remember, the tests results are important for the school, the district, and the state, as well as your students when examining how they are doing with state standards compared to other students.

Please contact the principal at your child’s school if you have any questions.

Click the links to specific board policies on “opting out” of state assessments as well as frequently asked questions about the assessments.

Please print, fill out, and take to your child’s school