School Leadership

Frances Bushnell

Frances Bushnell is a dedicated educator of twelve years and has worked with scholars from early childhood through college-level adult learners. Her most recent administrative experience was serving as Director/Principal of Bob Hope School in Beaumont, where she brought a unique set of skills and experiences to the role. She holds a Masters of Science: Childhood Studies-Admin, Management, and Leadership from Walden University and has dedicated her career to improving student outcomes. In 2022, Bushnell grew the Bob Hope School TEA accountability rating from an F rating to a C rating in one academic year. Bushnell is passionate about developing young scholars by providing relevant academic experiences and helping them build relationships while making real-world connections. As Principal, Bushnell will focus on charter education initiatives, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), the use of data to drive instruction, and providing the consistent implementation of the curriculum in a rigorous manner. These efforts will ensure that scholars’ opportunities continue to increase and move towards closing the achievement gap. She is excited to work with the amazing educators and staff at Fehl-Price Elementary School and is ready to make this school year, and every school year, the best ever!

Makenzie vandiver

Assistant Principal
Makenzie Vandiver is an accomplished educator who believes all students are capable of fulfilling their potential. Vandiver holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Dalton State College and a Master of Arts in Teaching with an emphasis in chemistry from Lee University. Throughout his career, Vandiver has fostered an environment which promotes educational growth and success for his students. As a teacher at Sam Houston Collegiate Prep, Vandiver’s 5th grade students showed, on average, more than 2.3 years of growth per academic year. Vandiver’s goal as an educator was centered on helping students become independent learners and problem solvers. He is eager to shift his role from teacher to administrator to expand his footprint, reach more students, and facilitate student success. As Assistant Principal, Vandiver will focus on providing the highest-quality instruction and cultivating leadership in teachers and students. Vandiver understands what it takes to be a great teacher, and will equip teachers with the tools to be their best. In doing so, teachers will be empowered to provide Fehl-Price students the education they deserve.

Clarissa Wilson

Assistant Principal
Clarissa Wilson is a growing leader with 10 years of educational experience that has been dedicated to the academic and personal development of students in the Golden Triangle. She has served as the 504, dyslexia, RTI, LPAC and campus testing coordinators since joining the Fehl-Price team in 2019 which has allowed her to use her professional skills to meet the individual needs of students and promote student achievement and growth. She holds a Masters of Education with a concentration in Special Education. Wilson strives to promote positive and productive relationships with the students, community and staff members in order to work on one accord to meet the holistic needs of students. As an Assistant Principal, Wilson will continue to focus on improving the climate and culture of the school along with the satisfaction and perceptions of stakeholders while preparing students for a year 2035 workplace and world.

D'Juana Thibedeaux

Assistant Principal
D’Juana Thibedeaux is a veteran educator with extensive experience in Elementary Math Curriculum and Instruction. Though this school year will be Thibedeaux’s first Assistant Principal role, she has held numerous leadership positions and has a proven track record of academic success across three traditional school districts and has been awarded Teacher of the Year twice. Thibedeaux is honored to serve Fehl-Price Elementary as Assistant Principal and looks forward to making lasting and impactful relationships with students, faculty, staff, and our community as we develop productive citizens. She truly believes that we all have a duty to go into the classrooms with nothing but the highest of expectations for each and every one of our students. Thibedeaux is dedicated to coming to Fehl-Price with an open mind, a great outlook, and high expectations.