School Leadership

Da'Lisa Hatcher

Da’Lisa Hatcher is a seasoned educator and administrator whose enthusiasm and compassion for youth extends throughout her career. In her most recent role, Hatcher served as the K-8 Education Administrator for Third Future Schools in Colorado Springs, CO. As K-8 Education Administrator, Hatcher oversaw instructor lessons to ensure students’ educational quality, employed data-driven decision making for instructional practice design, managed school administration operations, and worked with the community to develop partnerships to increase awareness and resources. ‌ As a young child, the saying, “knowledge is power,” was instilled in Hatcher by her parents and grandparents. That phrase has kindled her passion for public education. Hatcher is dedicated to cultivating the success of students, faculty, and families with strategies that focus on addressing individuals. In her partnership with the Jones-Clark community and scholars, Hatcher looks forward to ensuring the best, and most equitable, education experience possible!

Desmond Bridges

assistant Principal

Yvette Drake

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