A dyad is something that consists of two parts. Within our program, grades are paired in a dyad: 3rd/4th grade, 5th/6th grade, 7th/8th grade. Students will work during each 2 year period to complete specific experiential requirements in order to maximize their learning potential.
We believe that learning happens everywhere, all the time. Therefore, we prioritize new experiences for our students both in and outside of the classroom. Each semester, students will be introduced to experiences such as performing arts, project based learning, filmography, language, community service, and travel. You can find a list of dyad requirements on our website!
Collaboration between school and home will be key in keeping track of dyad requirements as they are met by each student. Each school has a Dyad Coordinator, who will be in charge of tracking student progress through their requirements. This will happen through classes that students are enrolled in, monthly check ins, and completion of reflection and verification forms that are sent out by the Coordinators to students on a regular basis.
We are here to make sure that doesn’t happen! Students will be given lots of opportunities at school, after school, and in their community to meet each and every requirement for their grade levels. Parents will also be contacted if students are not completing their requirements at school, so that alternative plans can be made for meeting these requirements outside of school. If a student is still refusing to complete the necessary requirements, this could be grounds for retention at a specific grade level.
We believe that travel opens up a world of possibilities and perspective. Therefore, we are prioritizing student travel within our program. Beginning in kindergarten, students will participate in local field trips to interesting and engaging destinations. In 6th grade, many of our students will be selected to take a multi -day field trip out of state to a destination that will broaden the horizons of these students. In 8th grade, students will have the opportunity to travel to another country for another multi-day field trip that will involve learning about and experiencing an exciting new culture.
In order to qualify for a multi-day field trip, students must meet specific requirements. This includes showing measurable growth in their core classes, receiving parent/guardian permission, getting a character recommendation form signed by a homeroom teacher, and having a clean behavior record for the school year in question.
Absolutely! We believe in community involvement. If a student is participating in a club, sport, or after school activity that falls under one of our dyad requirement categories, please see your Dyad Coordinator to learn how to receive credit for each of these requirements.
Dyad classes will be held for our 3rd -8th grade students in 90 minute class periods, 2 times a week. Depending on their grade level, these classes might happen on Monday and Wednesday, or on Tuesday and Thursday.
Yes! We believe that students will be better engaged and ready to learn if they have choices. That’s why we strive to offer at least 3 choices to each 3rd – 8th grade student. They will have the opportunity to choose their Dyad class each semester, and pursue their own interests as they complete their Dyad requirement.